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Greetings to all our friends from the Metro D.C. Chapter of ATD. As part of the March 2016 webinar, The Leader’s Network, we invite you to download our new ebook– Leadership Lessons, 5 Strategies for a Leadership Identity with Impact.

Leadership Lessons CoverEach of these five strategies is an important component to understanding and growing your natural leadership capabilities. You’ll learn about them in depth, with actionable tips you can use to become a better leader and enhance your unique identity.

This e-book was written by ATD member Amy Franko, Founder and CEO of Impact Instruction.

To download your copy, click on the “subscribe” button on the top, right portion of this page. You’ll also receive bi-weekly insights from Amy on a bi-weekly basis.

Visit our resources page for more educational tools.

And be sure to attend Amy’s presentation at ATD 2016 in Denver this May.

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