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PNC – WELD Leadership Development Resources


Thank you for participating in the PNC- WELD Leadership Development Program. As a part of the program, we are providing a few resources that will help you in your leadership journey.


E-book: Your Leadership Identity: Seven Essential Building Blocks

This e-book reveals the 7 essential building blocks of your leadership identity. Each one is an important component to understanding and growing your natural leadership capabilities. You’ll learn about each one in depth, with actionable tips you can use to become a better leader and enhance your unique identity. The content in this series is based from the international best-seller Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office by Lois Frankel, Ph.D.


35 Tips to Build Lasting Strategic Relationships

Impact Instruction Group conducted a survey of 154 professionals to determine how individuals are building strategic relationships, specifically focusing on trends in both the online and in-person networking environments. This report compiles the results of the survey and helps to paint a picture of the professional and social networking trends of professionals today.

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