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2014 learning technology trends are on the move…Is your company prepared to mobilize?

Technology is not only changing the way the world operates; it’s changing the way we learn, and the way we offer learning. Mobile learning, social learning, virtual conferences, gamification, and simulations are just a few of the terms used in today’s L&D environment. Impact Instruction Group conducted its 2nd annual Learning & Development Technology survey to get a pulse on the changes in L&D technology behaviors and trends, specifically in mobile learning.

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In our report, we tracked learning technology trends in five areas:

  1. Categories of learning technologies that companies plan to invest in for 2014
  2. Leadership interest in implementing new technologies
  3. Maturity of corporate mobile learning strategies
  4. Staffing plans for mobile initiatives
  5. Which business units are being considered for mobile learning implementations

We also compared the data from our 2013 technology report to determine the changes in trends over last year. As technology offerings continue to become more robust, so do our capabilities to offer learning in a way that makes it interesting and convenient for our learners. This report offers trends data on learning and development technologies, particularly in the mobile arena.


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