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Welcome to the new sales economy: the ever-changing intersection of business trends, technology, and cultural dynamics. It’s disruptive. It’s transformational. It’s also full of opportunity.

Left-field competition. Commoditization. App-like mindsets. Less loyalty. More decision makers. Faster ROI expectations. All of this has shifted what our prospects and clients need to succeed, and how they want to interact with and buy from us. The new sales economy demands a modern seller: one who is a recognized differentiator, extends the value of his or her company’s offerings, and is viewed by clients as the competitive advantage in their success.

How do you make that transition? In her new book, The Modern Seller (available now on Amazon), Amy Franko explains the Five Dimensions of The Modern Seller: Agile. Entrepreneurial. Holistic. Social. Ambassador. Every chapter is full of specific strategies you can put to work. They’ll become your new blueprint for success, and you’ll 10X the effectiveness of your sales activities and results.

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As a ​sales ​leader, ​Amy Franko ​built a successful and lucrative B2B sales career with global tech giants IBM and Lenovo. She then took a 180° pivot into entrepreneurship in 2007, launching a training company, Impact Instruction Group. She knows what it’s like to build a book of business and a Fortune 1000 client base from the bottom up. She has successfully navigated that steep curve, consistently selling 5-to-7 figure engagements with repeat business and loyal clients.

Known for her dynamic style and practical experience, Amy has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. She is a ​female keynote speaker ​specializing in ​sales training​ and ​leadership development ​programs that blend current research, fresh insights, and real-world examples. It’s about intentional action!

Her book, ​The Modern Seller,​ is now available on Amazon.

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