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Introducing the Sales Productivity Series with Amy Franko

There’s never been a more important time to build your sales agility. This skill will help you to harness opportunity in uncertainty and keep an optimistic outlook. All things your prospects and customers expect from you in helping them to navigate disruption. Agility is your competitive advantage for better sales effectiveness and sales growth.

Topics covered in this Sales Talk webinar included:

  1. Defining sales agility
  2. Current trends to stay aware of that call for sales agility
  3. Practical ways to build sales agility in yourself or in your team

You’ll come away from this conversation with specific actions you can take to boost sales productivity and overall sales effectiveness. Highlights include:

  • The Skills Evolution — 1992, 2012, 2022 (4:20)
  • The ability to strategically and decisively pivot to grow sales and best serve your clients (9:20)
  • The Modern Seller (13:30)
  • Practical ways to build agility (18:46)
  • Sales agility is an inside job (33:40)

You can watch the webinar below via The Sales Experts Channel. Registration is required, but it’s free. You can also check out more of my 2021 Sales Talks here.


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