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As a sales leader or growth officer, the sales training methodology your teams follow is an important factor in sales growth — both in new business and in expanding within existing clients.

Consider the future of selling and where it’s headed. Does your sales training methodology align, or are there strategic changes you can make for improved sales success? In this talk we cover these important topics:

  • Trends and statistics on the future of sales, plus their impact (5:21)
  • The difference between sales methodology and sales process (14:30)
  • Sales methodology elements that professionals most need for sales success (15:30)
  • The role of a sales leader or growth officer in the equation (34:33)
  • Considerations for successfully implementing a sales methodology (38:23)

You will learn ways to establish the right sales methodology for your firm – one that positions you for growth while building the right sales culture. Watch this webinar below via The Sales Experts Channel. Registration is required, but it’s free. Also be sure to check out my companion article on 5 Keys to a Successful Sales Training Methodology.


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