The Top Sales Magazine “Women in Sales” edition is out this week, and you won’t want to miss this jam-packed issue– which includes a contribution from yours truly among other prestigious women sales leaders.

You’ll find my article on building your territory like a supply chain on page 18. Here are some highlights.

Want to Improve Your Sales Results? Build Your Territory Like a Supply Chain

Whether you’re selling for a blue-chip Fortune 500 company or a startup, you’ll benefit from a mix of enterprise and entrepreneurial selling approaches.

One strategy to help you blend both is to build your territory like a supply chain. When you work this way, you’ll build the structure to support you, plus have the agility to pivot, stay relevant, and differentiate yourself. That translates into more wins, top clients, and a highly profitable territory.

Today’s modern business environments and buyers require us to take a long view of whole ecosystem. Supply chain approaches can help us to do that.  You can put supply chain thinking into practice with three maps:

  1. Sales Process Map
  2. Internal Operations Map
  3. Ecosystem Partners Map

I share all the details in Top Sales Magazine. Not subscribed yet? Sign-up for FREE today, via this link.

I’ll make another appearance in Top Sales Magazine in July. Watch for details here in a few weeks.

And to learn more about selling like an entrepreneur (a key skill set of The Modern Seller), watch this video.


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