Elevating Relationships For Sales Results:

The Power Of Social Capital In Sales Organizations


“Your social capital directly impacts the quality of your relationships, your thought leadership, and your sales results.”

We live in a world that is hyper-connected. We’re less than two steps away from a key decision maker, influencer, or industry leader. So why is it that some sales professionals and sales leaders seem to effortlessly open relationship doors, while for others it’s a mighty struggle?

Two words: Social. Capital.

Social capital, otherwise known as our networks, is the most valuable currency in the sales profession. It goes beyond hyper-connectivity, into strategic relationships that create mutual reward, results and impact. Research shows that highly-successful organizations and individuals place a high value on social capital. They purposely invest it, knowing it has real benefits to the bottom line of business and life.


Sales teams and leaders will be prepared to invest in and leverage social capital. To uncover more valuable opportunities, develop higher-level strategic partnerships, and ultimately create lasting business results for your organization.


  • Connect the value of social capital to both organizations and individuals
  • Learn what can hold you back from cultivating strategic relationships
  • Define your purpose for creating relationships of value
  • Learn which type of person usually creates the best relationships (Hint: it’s not necessarily the extroverts!)
  • Apply a formula for developing a strategic network that yields business results and personal rewards – in a way that is genuine and adds value
  • Create and leverage diverse relationships with influencers and leaders in your organization and industry

“Amy is a speaker who delivers insightful and relevant webinars. Recently, she presented on the topic of social capital to the CPCU Society and on insurance training technology trends to the Society of Insurance Trainers and Educators. In both cases, her messages were engaging, on target and provided useful take-aways that can be implemented by the audience. She received high marks from our members, and I highly recommend Amy to other organizations.”

Sandra Masters, CPCU, ARM, ITP
Founder | PrepAdemy

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