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2/3 of Executives Say This is Their No. 1 Concern

2/3 of Executives Say This is Their No. 1 Concern

Billions of dollars are spent on leadership development programs each year. In fact, according to McKinsey, almost two-thirds of the executives they surveyed identified leadership development as their No. 1 concern. Are companies seeing return on their leadership...

Setting Realistic Deadlines

Tips on ensuring your project doesn’t go off task and over budget Deadlines are a critical component to any project – and a major source of stress if not set and managed correctly. I recently listened to a colleague share about how her company’s deadline to launch a...

From Running Solo to Leading a Team

It was January 2007 when I put out my self-employed shingle. It was me, one project, and one client. Yes, one project and one client!

Now almost five years later, Impact Instruction Group is a company with multiple project teams and clients, and a diversified set of training services.

I get asked all the time how this evolved, and here’s what I share: I made a very important shift . . . from running solo into leading teams of many projects and people. With that shift I had to become a more skilled leader and communicator with my team. You might recognize yourself somewhere on this leadership continuum, whether you are still an individual contributor, a new manager, or a seasoned executive.

I’ll share with you some of the key skills that have helped me successfully travel the continuum.

5 Better Ways to Build Your Network in 2012

When I made the transition from technology sales to running a training and development company, I realized one thing. My network was in need of some reinforcement, and fast. In this new industry, I knew no one. And more importantly, no one knew me . . .yet. But in 4...
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