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On episode 5, I was joined by Greg Scott, Director of Partnerships, Schey Sales Centre at Ohio University. Greg connects great sales organizations to the sales talent of tomorrow. With over 700 undergraduate sales students, the Schey is one of the largest and best sales programs in the country. They partner with companies to exclusively recruit from the program, providing them opportunities to meet and build relationships with top talent in innovative and personalized ways.

Amy and Greg discussed sales education and programs at universities and how sales organizations can take advantage of these unique sources for talent.

Some highlights:

  • Insights on Greg’s role in connecting sales organizations with sales students and graduates.
  • How universities are playing a role in developing sellers and sales leaders.
  • The sales skills organizations are most looking for right now.
  • One habit that sellers most need for success.
  • One habit that sales leaders need.
  • One thing to build knowledge of modern sales.

Watch it here.

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