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Detroit Sales Training That Addresses Modern Business Hurdles

As a CEO or sales leader, you encounter an endless series of business hurdles every day. With increasingly competitive markets offering nearly endless options for your buyers, your organization must deal with commoditization, supply chain complications, diminished client loyalty, accelerated ROI demands, and talent shortages. However, conquering these hurdles is crucial to achieving measurable sales growth and positive outcomes.

Navigating the sales process for solutions, services, and expertise will only become more complex. To secure your ideal clients, your sales professionals and business development team must adopt the latest, effective approaches. Yet, their sales skills often lack intentional development, which leads to stagnant sales growth and lost sales revenue. Detroit sales training is the key to unlocking your team’s potential and staying ahead in this challenging environment.

Why The Strategic Selling Academy Is The Right Detroit Sales Training Program For You

How do you create a consistent pipeline of qualified opportunities that lead to measurable growth? How do you build a high-performance sales or business development team? Amy Franko’s program, The Strategic Selling Academy, is the sales training program that will ensure your teams master modern sales skills, succeed at winning new opportunities, and grow existing clients.

Amy is an Ohio-based sales training expert.

A Data-Driven Approach to Sales Training That Eliminates Guesswork

The program begins with your sales data, which is then used throughout the sales training program. By capturing key data on your professionals’ opportunities, you can track revenue growth and progress.

Your sales or business development team is assessed on core sales competencies, in partnership with a leading assessment firm. These insights alone are worth the investment in working together. You eliminate guesswork about the strengths and weaknesses of your team and discover the optimal way to approach their development.

Detroit Sales Training: A Structure That Leads to Consistent Success

The Five Pillars of Effective Strategic establish a solid foundation your teams can depend on time and again. Advisory IntelligenceRelationship EcosystemsCompelling ProposalsKey CommitmentsMindset

  • A significant number of sales and business development professionals are missing a framework that instills confidence and fosters consistent success. The Strategic Selling Framework provides a systematized approach any sales team can follow. By applying what they learn in a context relevant to their quota or portfolio, your sales and business development professionals will advance with genuine prospects.
  • Amy Franko’s Detroit sales training can easily be integrated into your existing sales process. If your organization lacks a consistent sales procedure, we can collaborate to develop one tailored to your needs.

Detroit Sales Training: Support, Coaching, Mentoring, and Organizational Culture

  • The program’s digital platform ensures ongoing learning and strategies for progress beyond the initial implementation.
  • Standard coaching fosters accountability for sales teams and sales leaders, including access to Amy Franko for informal deal coaching and advice.
  • This sales program can be conducted virtually or in person.
  • The fusion of data-driven focus, sales expertise, and learning best practices has made this program the top choice for thousands of professionals across various industries.

Results You Can Expect From Amy Franko’s Detroit Sales Training Program

The Strategic Selling Sales Training Program empowers sales teams to develop contemporary selling skills and distinguish themselves, their organization, and their products or services with clients.

Participants will learn:

  • The five Pillars of the Strategic Selling Framework, a tested approach to securing new business and boosting sales.
  • Advanced methods for cultivating the most relevant sales and business development skills in today’s market.
  • How to create a network ecosystem of high-impact relationships that expedite your opportunities and enhance your credibility as a trusted advisor.
  • How to craft and deliver sales proposals that significantly increase your chances of success.
  • Tactics for obtaining commitments and generating momentum around closing deals.
  • The mindsets essential for thriving in any economy or environment.
  • And much more!





Amy Franko is the leading sales strategist for growth-oriented mid-market organizations. She works with a variety of sectors to grow sales results, through sales strategy, assessment, and skill development programs. Her book, The Modern Seller, is an Amazon best seller and she is also recognized by LinkedIn as a Top Sales Voice.

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