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 A BEST SALES BOOK OF 2020: The Modern Seller 

We’re living in a new sales economy, one that has completely changed the way our prospects and clients engage with and buy from us. The new sales economy demands modern mindsets, skill sets, and tools to succeed.

In The Modern Seller, a #1 New Release and best seller on Amazon, Amy Franko explains the five critical skill sets that rise above the rest. Today, sellers and sales leaders need to be agile, entrepreneurial, holistic, social, and ambassadors. You’ll learn why each one matters to sellers and clients, what it looks like in everyday sales activities, and most importantly, how you can build each one – in yourself or in your sales team. Amy combines research, real-world sales experience, stories, and specific strategies to help you sell more (and sell more effectively) in the new sales economy.

The Modern Seller was named a top sales book of 2020 by Top Sales World and was recognized as a  “highly recommended read” by Selling Power. The Modern Seller is an Award-Winning Finalist in the Business: Sales category of the 2019 International Book Awards. Vengreso included The Modern Seller on its list of The Best Sales Books, 2019 Edition

The Modern Seller is available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook.



“The Modern Seller is filled with actionable insights and practical strategies to set you apart from competitors, make you irresistible to today’s buyers and ultimately, drive more revenue. In short, YOU become the differentiator.”

Jill Konrath

Author of More Sales Less Time & SNAP Selling

“Amy has nailed it with The Modern Seller. This is exactly the mindset, skills, and agility sales professionals need to succeed and thrive in this fast-evolving selling environment. Our team is striving to make this transition right now. We see it as critical to our growth—and survival.”

Pete McChrystal

President & CEO, Accent Technologies

“Amy Franko’s insights and perspective on modern selling are second to none. She is a formidable force – in person or on the page – and you will quickly learn more about yourself, your customers, and your strategic selling approach by spending time with her here in The Modern Seller. If you are striving to build your skills and better understand what it takes to flourish as a modern seller in your career, Franko will not disappoint.”

Jen Miller (@Jen_E_Miller), Sales strategy expert

Senior leader, global insurance and professional services firm

“Our firm and industry have a unique culture around sales and business development. From day one it was clear Amy was committed to learning our business and culture, and committed to helping transform our results. She doesn’t only write about the modern seller, but she lives it and teaches it. If you are looking to transform a sales culture The Modern Seller can get your journey started.”

Heath Alloway

National Growth Manager, BKD CPAs & Advisors

"Amy has synthesized the rules for success as a modern salesperson. First, she writes as a practitioner, making her advice the kind of hard won wisdom one can only acquire working in sales. Second, she provides the advice of one who has helped others transform their results. Pick up this book and start selling like a modern salesperson."

Anthony Iannarino

Speaker, Author, Sales Leader

“The Modern Seller is an insightful, must-read book. If you don’t know what a modern seller is and how to get there, you will be left in the dust. This book is a critical guide for paving the way to becoming a modern seller.”

Andy Quintana

SVP Business Development, Partnerships & Alliances, Accent Technologies

"In The Modern Seller, Amy Franko shares practical insights regarding what behaviors our salespeople must have today to be seen as strategic parts and trusted advisors by their customers. I highly recommend you add The Modern Seller to your sales library and apply its 5 principles with your sales team."

Mark Allen Roberts

Vice President Sales and Marketing at SPA, SPASIGMA

“The Modern Seller is the definitive update to value-based and differentiated selling. You’ll amplify your areas of experience, career skillsets, and growth. Amy Franko offers strategic and actionable guidance, to help you make this vital and much-needed shift in professional selling.”

Ingrid Fields

Pursuit Leader, Fortune 50 Software Company

Franko does a great job not only incorporating some of the key thought leaders in sales but also provides direct strategies for tying everything together. While it's overwhelming to select the best authors/books to strengthen or improve upon individual or team's efforts, The Modern Seller should be at the top. She hits some key points such as "entrepreneurial selling, combined with professional selling, is a must for modern sellers" and "think of your territory as your supply chain...(approach) as you would your friends". It's refreshing to read strategies from someone still active in the field today!

Shaun Frecska

Vice President of Sales, Halcyon Solutions

"Whether you’re new to sales or delivering on your quota for decades, Amy Franko’s book “The Modern Seller” provides a competitive framework with five dimensions to align you to new levels of impact. Each chapter is filled with action based sales strategies, charts, and guidelines to take your business, territory, or sales team to the next level. Thanks Amy for such an awesome sales book that will be a resource for years to come."

JJ DiGeronimo

President, Tech Savvy Women 

"The profession of sales is changing as technology, culture and the workforce shifts. Amy provides a great perspective on these shifts and helps guide sales professionals to success. Highly recommended for anyone from a sales veteran to a new salesperson."

Bill Balderaz

President and Founder, Futurety

"The five dimensions of The Modern Seller are spot on! All sales professionals must be laser focused on continuous development of each of the dimensions. Amy articulately defines how to accomplish that."

Karen Luke

Territory Sales

36 Tips Ebook


In the #1 Amazon release, The Modern Seller, Amy Franko takes you through the next-generation sales skills you need to succeed now. As a special download, get these modern selling inventories straight from the book.

Each inventory assists you in sales and leadership growth: Client Lifetime Value, Strategic Relationships, Building Loyalty, and Creating Your Brand.

For more modern selling insights, you also can download a free chapter: A Modern Seller is Social. 

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