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Sales Growth Challenges Facing Modern Organizations

Sales Training

As a CEO or sales leader, there is no shortage of disruptive challenges facing your organization. Markets are more competitive with almost unlimited choice for your buyers. You’re likely dealing with commoditization, supply chain issues, less loyalty in your client base, pressure to deliver faster ROI, and talent drains. But despite these challenges, you still need to deliver measurable sales growth and results.

Selling solutions, services, and expertise is more complex than ever before. Your sales professionals and business developers need to modernize their approaches to win your ideal clients. But often, their sales skills aren’t systematically developed and that results in stalled sales growth and lost sales revenue.

Why Choose Strategic Selling Academy for Your Sales Training Program?

How do you create a consistent pipeline of qualified opportunities that lead to measurable growth? How do you build a high-performance sales or business development team?

Amy Franko’s flagship program, The Strategic Selling Academy, is the sales training program that will ensure your teams master modern sales skills, succeed at winning new opportunities, and grow existing clients.

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A Data Driven Approach to Sales Training That Eliminates Guesswork.

  • The program begins with your sales data, and it’s used throughout the sales training program. By capturing key data on your professionals’ opportunities, you can track revenue growth and progress.
  • Your sales or business development team is assessed on core sales competencies, in partnership with a leading assessment firm. These insights alone are worth the investment in working together. There’s no more guesswork on the strengths and weaknesses of the team and how to approach their development.

A Sales Training Framework That Creates Repeatable Success.

Sales Training Program

The 5 Elements of Effective Strategic Selling offer a foundation your teams can rely on each and every time. Advisory IntelligenceRelationship EcoystemsCompelling ProposalsKey CommitmentsMindset

  • Most sales and business development professionals lack a framework that creates both confidence and repeatable success. The Strategic Selling Framework gives your sales teams a systemized approach applicable to any opportunity. Your sales and business development professionals will make progress with real opportunities. They’re applying what they learn in a way that’s relevant to their quota or book of business.
  • These sales training elements are easily aligned to your existing sales process. If you don’t have a consistent sales process, we can work together to design one for you.

Ongoing Sales Training Sustainability, Coaching, And Integration Into Your Culture

  • The program’s digital platform provides continued learning and strategies for progress beyond the initial program roll out.
  • Coaching is standard and creates accountability for sales teams and sales leaders. This includes access to Amy Franko for informal deal coaching and guidance.
  • This sales program can be delivered virtually or in person.
  • The combination of data focus, sales experience, and learning best practices has made this the program of choice for thousands of professionals across multiple industries.

What Your Sellers Will Learn in Amy Franko’s Sales Training Program

Sales Training Program

This Strategic Selling Sales Training Program will help your sales team build modern selling skills and differentiate themselves, your organization, and your product or services with your clients. They will learn:

  • The 5 Elements of the Strategic Selling Framework, a proven framework for winning new business and growing your sales.
  • Advanced techniques for building today’s most relevant sales and business development skills.
  • How to build a network ecosystem of high-impact relationships that will accelerate your opportunities and advance your credibility as a trusted advisor.
  • How to design and present sales proposals that dramatically improve your odds of winning.
  • Strategies for earning commitments and creating more momentum around closing business.
  • The mindsets you need for success in any economy or environment.
  • And more!

"Amy customized our training program to align with our firm’s strategic direction... our participants are more skilled at building relationships, selling on value, and closing new business."

Becca Johns

Director of Practice Growth | Rea & Associates, Inc.

“I personally asked Amy Franko to speak at OutBound. She is the consummate professional. Your audience will love Amy and learn a lot!”

Anthony Iannarino

International Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur

"Within 8 weeks of working with Amy, we had a custom strategic sales plan that aligns with our future direction. We use it as our 'north star' in determining the right clients, key sales activities to pursue, and very importantly, sales investments NOT to pursue."

Tracey Holecek

Kaiser Consulting, Atlantix Partners Family of Brands

"We knew we needed a formal sales training program. Having met Amy through a referral, she proved early into our partnership that she was going to be the right fit for our teams. We were elated with the way she took the time and effort to learn key areas of our business and industry. Based on her experience and gained knowledge, she tailored her programs for our sellers and leaders, and has made a significant difference in how they sell. She also worked with our executive staff to enhance our recruiting efforts for continued success in bringing the right fit for our sales teams. We’re one year in and are looking forward to continuing to partner with Amy to provide our sellers and leaders with the best tools for their selling toolbox."

Cory Beach

Gardner, Inc.

"The Association for Accounting Marketing’s partnership with Amy Franko consistently brings high value to our members. She led an outstanding executive session for our Major Firms Growth Council, receiving high praise for her insightful and engaging approach. We welcomed her back as a Summit speaker on 'Building a Sustainable and Scalable Business Development Program,' where she again received top marks. We look forward to future successful collaborations."

Rhonda Clark

Association for Accounting Marketing

"If you’re looking to transform a sales culture, Amy Franko will get you started on the journey."


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"Full of energy, exactly on point, and impactful."

Huntington National Bank

Banking & Finance

"Captivated over 500 sales professionals during our annual Global Sales Kickoff."

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"Kept the audience captivated and delivered a clear, simple message that provided powerful tools and actionable ideas…"

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"The most relevant and relatable speaker that we have ever had at a meeting."

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