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Welcome to the resource library. Amy Franko speaks at sales training and leadership development conferences about the value (and the how-to) of building modern sales and leadership cultures.

In the Sales Training​ and Leadership Development resource library, you’ll discover new strategies to put into practice. If you’re in sales, leadership, sales enablement, or sales training, these are for you.

If you’re a meeting planner, be sure to watch Amy’s keynote highlight video. For more information on Amy’s keynotes, visit her speaking page.


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Modern Sellers Leverage This Type of Strategic Connection to Grow Their Sales

As sellers build their sales and prospecting process, there’s one strategy I frequently see them forget: leveraging their peer referral network to help create new sales opportunities, new leads, and new business. In this week’s article, I’ll define peer referral network, and share five traits of those who make ideal network partners, along with a few strategies you can put into practice.

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Can’t Break Through to a Prospect or Client? Create Value with These 3 Sales Strategies.

Whether you’re a veteran sales leader or brand new to the profession, chances are good that at one point or another you’ve struggled to break through with a prospect. Or found it difficult to maintain a strategic relationship with a hard-to-connect-to client.

One of the best ways to accelerate your progress, and therefore your sales results, is to focus on creating and communicating value in every interaction.

When you create value, the prospect or client will remember you and want to continue the conversation. This blog post shares three strategies you can focus on to create value in every interaction.

How *Not* to do Social Selling

LinkedIn can be a powerful social selling tool. But as Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker in Spider-Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

When I’m building relationships with potential clients, LinkedIn InMail and invitations are part of my social messaging rotation. These tools are very effective for background research and opening doors for that next step in a conversation IF they are used effectively. When done wrong, this outreach can very quickly shut down a conversation and a potential relationship.

Not long ago, I received a message that I’d file under the social selling “done wrong” category. On the blog this week, I take a look at the message and share tips for how you can be sure to not make the same mistakes.

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Sales Culture is the Key to Growing Next-Generation Leaders

Has your organization filled its leadership pipeline?

For success into the future, you’ll need more professionals selling as part of your succession planning practices. When your professionals are equipped to sell, you’ll create more client opportunities, you’ll generate stronger revenues and profits, and you’ll be in a better position to diversify your services.

In this week’s post, I share four strategies for growing your sales culture and developing next-generation leaders with the experience and know-how to generate revenue.

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