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Welcome to the resource library. Amy Franko speaks at sales training and leadership development conferences about the value (and the how-to) of building modern sales and leadership cultures.

In the Sales Training​ and Leadership Development resource library, you’ll discover new strategies to put into practice. If you’re in sales, leadership, sales enablement, or sales training, these are for you.

If you’re a meeting planner, be sure to watch Amy’s keynote highlight video. For more information on Amy’s keynotes, visit her speaking page.


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5 Strategies to Build a Business Case Internally for Sales Enablement

Earning executive-level buy-in for sales enablement and sales training is one of the top issues facing sales leaders and sales trainers today. But building your business case doesn’t have to be an impossible task. I’m pleased to have partnered with the Association for Talent Development to provide a series of five strategies you can use to build credibility with the CEO, starting with creating the right culture for sales enablement and sales success.

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Learning from Leaders: A Conversation with Darci Congrove of GBQ

Good leaders never stop learning. One way I continue my development is to uncover what’s worked for others.

The Columbus Chamber’s CEO Insights series provides a platform for some of our region’s brightest leaders to share their ideas and the stories behind their successes and challenges. Most recently, I enjoyed the highly engaging CEO Insights discussion with Darci Congrove of GBQ. I share some of what she had to say on the blog.

Check out all of Amy Franko’s Sales Training and Leadership Development Resources Below.

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