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The Modern Seller Sales Plan Template

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The Modern Seller Sales Plan Template from Amy Franko

Accelerate Growth With This Actionable Template

Spend a week with high-performing sales professionals and you’ll find some common themes: They plan and intentionally invest in the right prospects, clients, and sales activities. They’re both strategic and tactical, and they over-achieve in their sales results.

This Sales Plan Template from Amy Franko provides tangible best practices in sales planning, so you can invest wisely and grow your sales results. It will help you:

  • Develop the sales plan elements you need to focus on that will grow your prospects, customers, and overall sales territory.
  • Determine how to successfully choose verticals and become known (this holds true even if you work within a defined geographic or industry).
  • Approach your planning at both strategic and tactical levels for the best success.
  • Outline the activities that will keep you accountable and prevent your sales plan from gathering digital dust.

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