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According to the Association for Talent Development, 75 percent of executives cite skill gaps as the top competitive threat. How your team sells is the biggest differentiator to closing the sales skills gap.

Impact Instruction Group helps sales organizations address this challenge. Our sales training programs provide a unique blend of essential strategies and practical implementation techniques for generating high-value opportunities, accelerating new business wins, and establishing loyal, long-term clients.



As a partner of IMPAX Corporation, we follow a proven sales training process to help you realize business growth through sales excellence.

Made up of three key components – Research, Communication and Presentation – this full-circle sales methodology drives your ability to become a trusted advisor to customers and establishes compelling and strategic context for business partnerships.

Efficiently and effectively understand your customer’s business and needs

Efficiently and effectively understand your customer’s business and needs

Develop and deliver compelling, customer-focused presentations that drive action
Identify and gain access to real decision makers while dealing effectively with gatekeepers



Better target clients and opportunities that will help you reach performance goals and provide higher levels of value to you, your organization, and your client


Increase close rates at higher profit margins


Boost customer retention rates and loyalty


Reduce sales cycle time by effectively leveraging coaches, research, and business fit


Build relationships and gain first meetings with decision makers faster and with more authority

We work with leading organizations in technology, insurance, and professional services.

Our sales training performance offerings are designed to help you drive high-value growth and create differentiation – in always-changing business environments.


Impact Instruction Group’s sales training programs are led by Amy Franko. Amy brings a track record of successful results, with over 15 years of experience in cultivating high-value opportunities, closing millions of dollars of profitable business, and creating lasting customer relationships. As a result, she can teach your B2B sales team the same strategies and framework that have helped her achieve sales success.

We’ll help you build sales professionals and leaders that can compete, win, and lead in any environment or economy.



Win more business.

It’s tough out there! In today’s business environment, sales teams face many new and difficult obstacles:

  • Aggressive and disruptive competition
  • More demanding and knowledgeable customers
  • Constant shifting of customer priorities
  • Powerful gatekeepers
  • Longer and more complex sales cycles
  • Consolidation leading to fewer, larger opportunities
  • Vendor auctions and RFPs
  • Commoditization

Strategic Accounts Sales is an IMPAX award-winning program.

Through our strategic partnership with IMPAX, Impact Instruction Group provides your sales force with the tools (and the how-to) they need to succeed. The Strategic Account Sales program empowers you to win more business by establishing a consistent framework and language across the organization. Additionally, it provides the tools for developing powerful, value-based relationships with customers and overcoming the tough challenges of today’s business environment.

We’ll demonstrate the path for becoming a trusted advisor to your customers. Our methodology creates efficiency around sales activities and behaviors that generate success, helping your salespeople optimize their time and effort on opportunities that can be won.

Strategic Account Sales is focused on advancing your team’s value-selling skills. The content is organized into three key framework elements: research, communication and presentation. It’s also live-account based, meaning each of your participants will be working on real opportunities in their pipeline over the course of three days. As a result, they will immediately have the tools to close more business, more profitably, and create long-term client loyalty.



Cultivate relationships and grow your business.

It’s no secret that growing business within our existing clients is (relatively) easier than closing net-new clients.

Yes, your sales team researches prospects and invests time to build relationships and understand their business. But what happens after the deal closes? Are you cultivating and sustaining those relationships? Are you growing your accounts wider and deeper across the organization?

Impact Instruction Group can help create and strengthen lasting bonds with your clients. The Superior Account Management program ensures your team has the skills to foster client relationships and grow their book of business.

This interactive program introduces participants to the IMPAX framework,  a step-by-step account management process which allows them to position your company as a committed partner and trusted advisor. When your sales team positions and leverages the value already created in the relationship, they can work across organizations more widely and deeply. The result? We help you efficiently and effectively grow your margins and create competitive immunity.

To drive accountability and confidence in using the process, the Superior Account Management program is live-account based. Throughout each section of the program,  your teams learn by applying the concepts and tools personally to a live client opportunity in their funnel.

At the conclusion of three days, your sales team will have the ability to create competitive immunity by:

  • Preparing and building an effective, actionable account plan
  • Updating business knowledge, gauging customer loyalty , and understanding value driven by the partnership through productive research meetings
  • Building and leveraging coach networks
  • Gaining and maintaining access to key decision makers
  • Developing and regularly delivering relationship review presentations that compel decision makers and differentiate you competitively
  • Dealing successfully with those trying to block or restrict you

Ultimately, your team will receive the tools they need to keep their competitive edge sharp and business partnerships strong – ensuring the growth and vitality of your organization for years to come.

Strong on the Inside.

Inside sales is growing 300 percent faster than outside sales. (Source: Marketing Tech Blog.) Are you supporting your inside sales team with the right training and tools to succeed?

Inside sales professionals require different development than your field sales team – programs that are customized to address their unique selling environment. Impact Instruction Group offers Practical Inside Sales, a program designed to meet this demand.

We take into account the complexities, time pressures, challenges, and opportunities posed by the inside sales environment and provide your team with the tools and techniques to thrive in it. Empower your inside sales team to win more business and drive higher profit.

By the conclusion of the program, your inside sales professionals will have the skills and confidence to:

  • Avoid or navigate gatekeeper/voicemail blocks to reach decision makers
  • Partner with their field sales counterparts to create a successful team environment
  • Differentiate themselves in crowded and often commoditized markets
  • Discern what research questions to ask and how to ask them
  • Present effectively in virtual environments
  • Overcome objections and win more business


Create a high-performing team.

How does your sales force stack up?

In most organizations, sales performance is a bell curve. There will always be a top 20 percent and a bottom 20 percent when it comes to engagement, performance, and results. It’s common to see outliers on both ends of the spectrum.

But most sales professionals are somewhere in the middle.

These middle performers, that 60 percent of your sales team, represent the greatest opportunity to advance your organization; improving their results boosts the overall sales trajectory.

Impact Instruction Group’s Sales Force Assessment helps elevate middle sales performers.

Through our unique partnership with IMPAX, we offer an adaptive, analytics-based solution to identify key drivers and create an overall profile of your top performers, plus where the rest of your team stacks up in comparison. By understanding what makes your best people successful in selling to your customers, you can then identify skill gaps and  focus future training to close those gaps, creating a higher performing team.

This program works because we understand no two organizations are exactly the same. The Sales Force Assessment service is engineered to align with your unique business environment and best practices.

Together, we will:

  • Analyze your key sales success drivers
  • Identify the associated best practices of your top producers
  • Perform skills gap analysis (both on an individual and team basis)
  • Tailor skills training to close the gap on the highest payback competencies and practices
  • Deliver personalized reports to each sales professional, supporting individualized development planning
  • Provide your sales leaders with an organizational report and valuation of current and potential sales performance
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