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Cincinnati, Ohio, Sales Training

Sales Growth Challenges Facing Cincinnati Organizations

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, CEOs and sales leaders in Cincinnati face a challenging business environment. Competitive markets, decreased client loyalty, and pressure for swift ROI are just a few of the hurdles you must overcome. Despite these obstacles, your primary goal remains consistent: achieving measurable sales growth and delivering results.

Selling solutions, services, and expertise has become increasingly complex, making it essential for your Cincinnati sales professionals and business developers to modernize their strategies to win over your ideal clients. Unfortunately, sales skills are often not systematically developed, leading to stagnating sales growth and missed revenue opportunities.

With the right Cincinnati sales training, you can empower your sales teams to adapt, overcome challenges, and excel in this competitive business environment.

Why Choose The Strategic Selling Academy for Your Team?

Are you seeking a reliable method for creating a steady pipeline of qualified opportunities that drive measurable growth for your Cincinnati-based business? Do you want to cultivate a high-performance sales or business development team?

Amy Franko’s best-in-class Cincinnati sales training program, The Strategic Selling Academy, is designed to help your teams acquire and excel in modern sales skills, triumph in securing new opportunities, and foster growth among existing clients. By choosing The Strategic Selling Academy, you’re investing in your team’s success and your organization’s future.

Amy is an Ohio-based sales training expert.

Cincinnati Sales Training: A Data-Driven Approach That Works

Our sales training program, tailored for Cincinnati-based teams, adopts a data-driven approach that starts with your sales data and incorporates it throughout the training process. By capturing essential information about your professionals’ opportunities, you effectively monitor revenue growth and progress.

In partnership with a leading assessment firm, we evaluate your sales or business development team based on core sales competencies. These valuable insights justify your investment because they remove guesswork in determining your team’s strengths and weaknesses. After the assessment, you can create targeted development strategies with confidence.

Cincinnati Sales Training: Your Framework for Consistent Success

The Five Elements of Effective Strategic Selling is a foundation your teams can rely on for consistent results. These elements include Advisory Intelligence, Relationship Ecosystems, Compelling Proposals, Key Commitments, and Mindset.

Many sales and business development professionals lack a framework that instills confidence and ensures repeatable success. The Strategic Selling Framework equips Cincinnati sales teams with a systematic approach that can be applied to any opportunity. Throughout the program, your sales and business development professionals will apply what they’re learning to real opportunities, giving them practical experience while developing their skills.

These sales training elements can be seamlessly integrated with your existing sales process. If your organization lacks a consistent sales process, we can collaborate to design a customized solution for you.

Sustainable, Integrated, and Impactful Cincinnati Sales Training

  • Our program’s digital platform delivers continuous learning and strategies for progress beyond the initial rollout, ensuring long-term success for your Cincinnati sales team.
  • Incorporating coaching as a standard feature creates accountability for sales teams and leaders alike. Amy Franko is also available for informal deal coaching and guidance.
  • Choose between virtual or in-person delivery options for this sales program to best suit your needs.
  • The powerful blend of data-driven focus, sales experience, and best learning practices has made our Cincinnati sales training program the top choice for thousands of professionals across various industries.

What Sellers Learn in Amy Franko’s Cincinnati Sales Training Program

Amy Franko’s Strategic Selling Sales Training Program, tailored for Cincinnati teams, will help your sales professionals develop modern selling skills and distinguish themselves, your organization, and your products or services with your clients. They will learn:

  • The Five Elements of the Strategic Selling Framework, a proven method for winning new business and boosting sales
  • Advanced techniques to cultivate the most relevant sales and business development skills in today’s market
  • How to create a network ecosystem of high-impact relationships that accelerate opportunities and enhance credibility as a trusted advisor
  • Designing and presenting sales proposals that significantly increase the likelihood of success
  • Strategies for obtaining commitments and generating momentum around closing business
  • Essential mindsets for success in any economic or environmental context
  • And much more!




Amy Franko is the leading sales strategist for growth-oriented mid-market organizations. She works with a variety of sectors to grow sales results, through sales strategy, assessment, and skill development programs. Her book, The Modern Seller, is an Amazon best seller and she is also recognized by LinkedIn as a Top Sales Voice.

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