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Thank You for Attending Amy Franko’s 2022 Sales Webinars with SMM Connect

Thank you for attending one of Amy Franko’s 2022 sales webinar through SMM Connect. As a special offer to you, Amy is providing the slides from each of those sessions. Find them below for download.

Ready for more sales insights and resources? Amy’s 2023 sales webinar series with SMM Connect is now on the calendar. Get all the details and register here.


Design a Sales Plan that Gets Real Results (and Doesn’t Gather Digital Dust!)

Spend a week with high-performing sales professionals and you’ll find a common theme. They plan and intentionally invest in the right prospects, clients, and sales activities. They’re both strategic and tactical, and they over-achieve in their sales results.

This session provided tangible best practices in sales planning, so you can invest wisely and grow your sales results. Having the right sales plan and implementing it consistently will get you there. It covered:

  • The sales plan elements you need to focus on that will grow your prospects, customers, and overall sales territory.
  • How to successfully choose verticals and become known (this holds true even if you work within a defined geographic or industry).
  • How to approach your planning at both strategic and tactical levels for the best success.
  • The activities that will keep you accountable and prevent your sales plan from gathering digital dust.

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Qualifying: Your Team’s Top Prospecting Skill to Increase Sales

A healthy pipeline begins with quality prospecting. However, it’s one thing to have an identified prospect in front of you. It’s another thing entirely to have a qualified prospect.

Sales professionals often invest dozens of hours (or more) into opportunities that aren’t qualified and will never close. That clogs your pipeline, causes inaccurate forecasts, and causes sales professionals to miss their goals. In your sales process, focus on qualifying opportunities becomes an even more important skill than initial prospecting.

This session helped with this critical skill by covering:

  • The elements of a qualified opportunity
  • What gets in the way of qualifying (and disqualifying) opportunities
  • Key questions to ask your prospects
  • A tool to help you visually assess an opportunity

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Critical Sales Metrics Every Leader Should Know and Track

With so many metrics in your organization, how do sales leaders determine the best sales metrics to track? In my work with clients, I see varying degrees of maturity when it comes to implementing and tracking metrics. The truth is that what you put focus on as a sales leader determines your team’s success and the organization’s overall sales growth.

This session provided a strategic approach to metrics. It covered:

  • The 3 key sales enablement ingredients you can’t ignore if you want sales growth
  • The top sales metrics to track — why they’re important and how to begin implementing them
  • A framework to help you customize metrics based upon your individual sellers
  • The one sales skill that will help to improve your sales pipeline right now

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How to Design Standout Sales Proposals that Win

Most proposals aren’t effective at winning new business, especially in highly competitive situations. Why? The most common reason is that proposals tend to focus inwardly on you organization and its capabilities, instead of outwardly on the client and their business.

It’s time to win more high-value clients by bringing a fresh approach to your proposal and presentation strategies. This session provided with tangible ideas to improve your next proposal or RFP response. It covered:

  1. The one thing that every proposal should aim to accomplish
  2. A simple framework for shaping your proposal
  3. Some “Don’ts” to avoid in any proposal
  4. Strategies to improve your win rates when delivering your proposal

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Help Your Sales Teams Reach Their Goals in 2023

Amy Franko helps companies significantly improve sales results through strategy, leadership development, and her signature Strategic Selling Academy. If we can support your growth efforts, let’s setup a conversation.



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