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Leadership Development

Building your next generation of leaders -- engaged, inspiring, and effective

Build your next generation of leaders

Stop for a moment and look into your ​leadership ​pipeline. Do you have talent identified and ready to lead in your most critical ​leadership​ roles?

According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report, 60% of HR and business leaders worldwide cited the ability to create ​leadership development ​programs for millennials as an area of weakness.

Tens of thousands of baby boomers retire every day, yet their successors are rarely being groomed. In fact, 63% of millennials feel their ​leadership ​skills are not being developed. Not only does that result in unprepared future leaders, it also results in costly turnover: nearly three-quarters of those millennial employees want to leave their job within two years.

Cultivating your next-generation leaders is crucial to forging long-term success. Amy Franko has designed and created ​leadership development ​programs for some of the most recognized brands in the world. Her ​leadership development ​programs will help you build your next generation of leaders.

Next-Generation Leadership Development Program

The Next-Generation ​Leadership Development​ Program is designed to help your emerging and front-line leaders:

  • Develop the key ​leadership ​skills they need to create lasting impact, both internally and externally
  • Make the critical transition from individual contributor to leader
  • Learn how to create maximum engagement, productivity, and results in a team environment

An investment in the future of your organization, this program is designed to be both actionable and sustainable. It will complement your existing ​leadership development programs ​for a seamless fit.

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Next Generation Leadership for Women

Studies show that companies with higher numbers of women at senior levels consistently generate better overall organizational and financial performance. Despite evidence that demonstrates benefits of having women in the C-suite, the percentage of women in top ​leadership ​roles remains low. Elevate your organization’s results by elevating your emerging women leaders.

Amy Franko has a long history of delivering​leadership development ​programs that help women leaders step into their next leadership roles. Her​leadership development ​training programs offer best-in-class content, an immersive, blended learning environment, and expert facilitators.

Next Generation ​Leadership ​for Women ​includes key themes that are universal to effective ​leadership​, but with the lens of what makes women’s ​leadership ​unique. Programs are customizable and also designed to complement your existing programs.

  • Current ​leadership ​competencies and trends
  • Leadership ​identity
  • Leadership ​brand
  • Strategic relationships
  • Executive presence
  • Strategic risk
  • Win-Win negotiation
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