Sales Consulting

Sales consulting services to help your sales organization from a strategic perspective

Sales Strategy Program

Are you a ​sales ​leader or business leader working through ​sales growth ​challenges like these?

  • Identifying where ​sales ​revenue and profit growth are coming from in the next 1-3 years
  • Selecting ideal target markets and prospects
  • Expanding ​sales ​opportunities within your current client base
  • Improving success with ​RFPs​, outbound selling, or inbound ​sales ​leads
  • Staying ahead of the changes shaking up your industry or your clients’ industries
  • Determining the strategies, partnerships, and offerings that will win you more (and better) business – and keep your competitors out
  • Making sure you have a productive ​sales ​culture, and that your team has the sales skills they need to be successful
  • Busting the silos within your organization that slow down​sales growth

The ​Sales Strategy ​Program is your opportunity to step outside of the day-to-day pressures that come with leading your sales organization or business and focus on the big picture. It’s your opportunity to focus on​ sales growth ​over the next 1-3 years, and intentionally craft the strategies (and action plans) that will get you there.

We apply our ​Sales Strategy ​Framework to your business and sales organization, helping you to solve your biggest challenges, and create a clear path forward.

But…​ sales strategy​ isn’t much without tactics and execution. At the end of our time together, you’ll have a strategic plan ​with​specific actions and time frames, all focused on ​sales growth.

When you work with Amy Franko during this program, you get a unique combination of both facilitation and consulting. It’s 70% facilitation; guiding the conversation with you and your team to leverage the wisdom of the group. It’s 30% consulting, which means you’ll get Amy’s 20 years of experience in ​sales, entrepreneurship, organizational development, and leadership for new perspectives to apply to your sales ​organization.

Sales Training ​Curricula Design

Are you a ​sales ​leader or training leader facing any of these challenges when it comes to​ sales training programs?

  • You need to get a pulse on the types of skills that your ​sales ​teams need most.
  • Your ​sales ​producers and ​sales ​leaders don’t have a consistent learning plan that takes them from on-boarding through the first two years with your firm or organization.
  • You have lots of ​sales training ​content, and you need to figure out what’s relevant and where you have gaps.
  • You’ve invested in ​sales training​ programs in the past, but they became flavors of the month or they didn’t quite fit what you really needed.
  • Past​ sales training ​programs haven’t had the right balance between product training and skills training.
    You want to make sure you’re leveraging the best delivery methods for your ​sales ​teams, especially if they’re distributed domestically or globally.

With our​ Sales Training​ Curricula Design program, you’ll make sure you’re training the right skills, with the right delivery methods, to the right role levels, and to the right business outcomes – the first time. This outcome of this program is a consistent, sustainable, and scalable roadmap for your ​sales ​and ​sales leadership roles. It’s ideal for on-boarding and highly adaptable for ongoing learning and development.

RFP ​Consulting

RFPs, RFPs, RFPs. ​Has your ​sales ​team responded to one this week? I bet every person on your ​sales team has at least one in their ​sales ​pipeline they’re dealing with right now.

Have you ever calculated the cost of an ​RFP ​response to your company? Think about ​all​ the people and resources involved in a pursuit – time, expertise, travel. It’s significant if you take the time to add it up. When you compare that investment to your win rate, it might change the way you look at your ​RFP strategy.

B2B selling and complex ​sales ​are often decision-by-committee. ​RFPs ​are more common because procurement plays a growing role in the buying process. Our ​sales processes ​can’t ignore this fact, and how we work with ​RFPs ​and procurement is vital to a successful ​sales process.

Whether you’re responding to an ​RFP ​or creating a pursuit strategy for a big initiative, you’re choosing to invest your company’s time and resources. As part of that investment, ​RFP ​consulting can help you get better, more reliable, and more profitable results. It can help you:

  • Make a yes or no decision on whether to pursue an ​RFP ​or pursuit
  • Create the pursuit strategy that will give you the best odds of winning the deal
  • Think through the key aspects of the deal from unbiased perspective
  • Craft a winning presentation
  • Provide valuable feedback to your pursuit team, ​before​the presentation
  • Create your follow-up and closing strategies
  • Guide you in winning the business, from the initial contract and beyond
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