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From Amy Franko & Bill Fournet

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and sell. Some of these changes might be transient, and others more permanent as we move into the future. These changes also represent an opportunity to become stronger into the future. To help my clients not only survive, but thrive, I teamed with Bill Fournet, founder and CEO of The Persimmon Group, to produce this two-part webinar series, Excelling Through the Chaos. We cover two key themes, social capital and agility.

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Excelling Through Chaos:
How Social Capital Can Help You Thrive in Challenging Times

These are unprecedented times. But one thing that remains constant is the importance of our relationships with one another. If you’re now asking, “How can I (and my team) build relationships when we’re working in extended virtual environments?” you’re not alone! In this webinar, Amy and Bill cover practical strategies for building relationships virtually and in times of uncertainty. They view this important topic through these lenses: organizational, people/employees, and revenue growth.


Excelling Through the Chaos: 
How Three Lenses Help You Maintain Agility

Agility is the theme of the day. For leaders and sales professionals, we strive to balance where we need to maintain our current course of action and when we need to change it. Traditional decision-making approaches are being stressed now more than ever before. In this webinar, Amy and Bill share Three Lenses—perspectives of your organization for decision-making and actions–that leaders and sellers should apply today to assess their agility. They view this important topic through these lenses: strategy, revenue growth, and operational performance.

Amy FrankoAbout Amy Franko

Amy Franko is the Founder & CEO of Amy Franko Associates. She works with organizations in professional services, insurance, and technology to accelerate their growth results. Through consulting, training programs, and keynote speaking, Amy has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Known for her dynamic style and practical experience, her expertise is widely shared on social networks. She has been featured in respected publications such as TD Magazine, Training Industry, Training Magazine, Selling Power, Top Sales World, and CLO Magazine. Her book, The Modern Seller, is an Amazon best seller and she was also named to LinkedIn’s list of Top 10 Sales Voices.

Amy is represented by TPG Speakers. To learn more about how Amy Franko Associates can help your organization through our consulting or training programs, contact us.


Bill FournetAbout Bill Fournet

Bill Fournet, CEO of the award-winning management consulting firm The Persimmon Group, helps leaders thrive in the Age of Disruption. Bill’s lessons from 25 years of leading successful teams through any situation is the foundation for his Lead for Tomorrow program, where through keynote speaking, workshops, and advising, he shares his passion to enable practical change for audiences and organizations. Known for his optimistic view of disruption, Bill helps you stay ahead in times of uncertainty, advising that “Change is constant, but it does not have to mean chaos.”

Bill founded Persimmon in 2004, driven by a purpose and mission to help people solve tough leadership challenges. His experience in leading high-performance teams has directly influenced the unique business philosophy and culture behind Persimmon, which has been twice awarded the Blue Ribbon by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for its success as one of the leading small businesses in America.



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