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Becoming A Leader Of Impact & Influence

Build High-Impact Leaders in Your Organization

As a leader, there are countless demands, opportunities, and choices placed before you. You make hundreds of decisions each day, ranging from the subconscious and mundane to the complex and life-changing. Each decision is a drop that creates a ​ripple effect​ on those around you. A ​ripple effect ​of results in your organization and beyond.

No matter your title, your generation, or your background, ​leadership ​is a choice. It’s a way of operating in the world that sets you apart. Conversations about impact and legacy often come later in life, as we look back at what we’ve accomplished and contributed. Imagine the results we could create if we instead look forward — consciously designing our​ ripple effect ​of impact and influence.

How do you gauge if your leadership today will create lasting impact and influence? In this sales ​leadership keynote​,​ Amy Franko​ will share the key dimensions that leaders of impact and influence consciously cultivate. When you build these key dimensions, you’ll show up in a more courageous and impactful way. Today, and for the future you want to create.


Leaders who are prepared to think more strategically and operate more intentionally in today’s always-on and ever-changing business climate. Leaders who are ready to act, to elevate their ​ripple effect ​across in their organization and beyond.


  • Discover the Dimensions of the ​Ripple Effect ​that every leader needs to cultivate
  • Seek answers to bigger and more impactful questions
  • Invest time strategically, for a higher level of productivity and results
  • Intentionally design your ​leadership ​identity, impact, and legacy.
Amy Franko Leadership Keynote Speaker

“Thank you again for coming to speak at our Women’s Leadership Summit. The day was a huge success and a lot of that can be attributed to your keynote and workshop. I have been receiving feedback survey results over the past few days, and the feedback on your presentations has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Stephanie Sulfaro
Events Manager | Rochester Business Journal

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