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You might say that even in the best of times, selling takes moxie. Even more so in times of disruption.

Last year Amy appeared on the She’s Got Moxie podcast with Joy Chudacoff, but a lot has changed since then! On this new episode, Amy talks about the first steps you can take to approach your clients NOW. She also shares with us the main principles of The Modern Seller, what she has been doing to help manage this challenging time, her plans for the future, and much more. You’ll learn:

  • WHY taking on the role of an “Ambassador” is the Key Right Now
  • The 5 principles of The Modern Seller
  • The 3X metric and why you need to get on board with this
  • Why putting a microscope on your BEST clients is the BEST use of your TIME
  • Why “shrinking or hiding” is the absolute worst decision to make
  • Excellent clarifying questions to help you, help your clients


For more information on excelling through today’s chaos, you can view these two free webinars I recorded with Bill Fournet of the Persimmon Group.

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