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There’s a hidden sales growth strategy many leaders overlook: non-profit board service . It’s a sales strategy I urge leaders to seriously consider integrating into their growth plans. Why? Because it’s a powerful way to not only benefit your community and team members, but also fuel your organization’s growth.

When your team members serve on non-profit boards, they’re not just doing community work; they’re also showcasing your organization. They become your brand ambassadors out there in the community. Plus, they’re honing vital skills like business savvy and leadership, which only makes them more valuable assets to your organization.

One of the best things about non-profit board service is how it expands networks. By rubbing shoulders with other community leaders, your team members open doors to new opportunities. And you never know—these connections might just lead to growth opportunities for your organization.

What’s more, non-profit board service acts as a natural breeding ground for future leaders. Those who shine on boards might be the perfect candidates to lead projects or teams within your organization. It’s a seamless transition that ensures fresh perspectives and continuity in leadership.

But how can leaders make the most of this growth opportunity? Simple: by incorporating it into individual development plans. Offer non-profit board service as an option for personal growth, and watch your team members flourish both professionally and personally.

Guide them in finding the right board opportunities and help them through the application process. Once they’re on board, keep tabs on their progress and explore how their board roles can further benefit your organization.

In essence, non-profit board service isn’t just about giving back—it’s about strategic growth. By supporting your team members in this endeavor, you’re not only investing in their development but also fueling the growth of your organization.

In conclusion, don’t underestimate the power of non-profit board service. It’s a simple yet effective way to foster leadership, community engagement, and organizational growth. So go ahead, unlock its potential, and watch your organization thrive.


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