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Welcome back to the new Modern Seller video series. Each week, I’m sharing strategies that you can put into practice as either a sales professional or sales leader. The series is a great companion to the book, The Modern Seller, which is available on Amazon and Audible. In previous videos, I covered sales agility, entrepreneurial selling, and social capital.

Next up: A Modern Seller is an Ambassador.

Today’s topic is about building Ambassadors in your sales organization.

I like to think of an ambassador as a bridge. In a global sense, an ambassador is a bridge between countries and cultures. They are skilled at connecting their organization to prospects and clients, to their communities, and to their industries. The end result is that they have a stronger and more profitable territory or book of business.

In this video, I share three strategies that will help you build this important dimension:
1) To understand a Client’s Lifetime Value.
2) To Create 29 Percenters.
3) To Amplify Your Key Relationships.

For more detailed information on these strategies, pick up a copy of The Modern Seller. The book include assessments that will help you to apply these ambassador building strategies to your selling situations.

I’ll be back next week with a new video.  In the meantime, I invite you to watch my previous videos. And download a free chapter of The Modern Seller to learn more strategies for becoming a Modern Seller.

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