Building a Leadership Identity with Impact

Leadership Lessons Ebook

Lead Yourself. Lead and Inspire Others. Create Your Legacy.

This is the updated edition of one of Amy Franko’s most highly downloaded eBooks, Building a Leadership Identity with Impact. Every leadership journey is unique. This eBook is comprised of our top blog posts, edited and organized into three themes for your leadership development.

  • Leading Yourself. Leading ourselves is the start of the journey. This theme delves into the concepts of self-leadership and leadership identity.

  • Lead and Inspire Others. If you’re currently a people leader or aspire to that role, this theme covers topics such as your role as manager and coach, along with strategies to build influence and inspiration.

  • Creating Your Leadership Legacy. You don’t need to be of a certain tenure or have a leadership title to begin elevating your impact. There’s no time like the present. This theme offers concrete ways to begin building your leadership legacy today.

Download it now to get started. You’ll also receive Amy’s modern sales and leadership resources delivered to your inbox regularly.

To discuss ways to partner on your next leadership program or keynote event, please refer to the back of this eBook for contact information. I look forward having you in our community of sellers and leaders.

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