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The Modern Seller is Holistic

Welcome back to The Modern Seller video series– which is part of the debut of Amy Franko’s new book, The Modern Seller. Amy shared in the intro video on the blog that modern sellers have 5 dimensions that set them apart from everyone else. The Modern Seller is agile, entrepreneurial, holistic, social and an ambassador. In the coming videos, she’ll explore each of the dimensions.

Let’s take a look at the holistic dimension in this video.

Every day, we have a finite amount of time, energy, motivation, and discipline. Those resources get depleted as we move throughout our day. Modern sellers know that the choices we make with those resources directly impacts what we accomplish in the day, and the sales results we create. Holistic is the mindset of strategic productivity. Watch the video for Amy’s take and tips.

The Modern Seller is available on Amazon. It is a No. 1 New Release in sales and selling and a category Best Seller.

Subscribers in Amy’s community all will receive free, bonus resources for each of the five dimensions. These worksheets are not available in the book. To receive a copy of the resources, please be sure to subscribe at the link below, or by requesting a free download of the chapter, A Modern Seller is social. If you have any questions about the bonus materials or would like to book Amy for your next conference or sales kick off event, please contact us.


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