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I’m excited to announce my new keynote speaker demo reel, and I want to thank my clients, partners and friends who helped bring it to life.

This new video showcases how I can help your organization transform sales culture, ignite sales growth, and build high-impact leaders. It’s a combination of clips from sales and leadership keynotes delivered before thousands of attendees at conferences across the country.

As a valued member of The Modern Seller community, I invite you to watch the video.

Looking forward, if my team or I can support your sales and efforts, let’s set up a conversation. If you’re booking or rescheduling events later in 2020 and 2021, or interested in conducting a virtual training scenario in the coming weeks or months, we’re here to help.

Together we can grow your customers, grow your company and create a ripple effect of success.

Social Capital - Build Stronger Relationships Grow Your Sales - By Amy Franko

Elevate your sales success by building and leveraging your social capital. This eBook will show you how.

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