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Amy Franko is a Columbus, Ohio-based sales consultant and strategic selling expert.

Her flagship sales training program is ideal for professional services business development, insurance industry B2B producers, and complex enterprise sales. This strategic sales training for Columbus businesses can be delivered virtually or in-person.

What are some of the biggest challenges in professional services, the insurance industry, and enterprise sales? They’re more competitive than ever before. You’re likely dealing with commoditization, falling utilization rates, less loyalty in your client base, pressure to deliver faster ROI, and talent drains.

Selling services and expertise is more complex than selling a tangible product. Prospects can’t see it, touch it, or demo it. There’s typically a small percentage of your firm creating new business opportunities. Business development “naturals” at other levels of the firm show promise for the future, but their sales skills aren’t systematically developed.

How do you solve for this and create a consistent pipeline of opportunities?

A consistent, repeatable sales process and sustained skill building. By adding Strategic Selling training to your organization, you’ll ensure that your teams master modern sales skills and are successful in winning new opportunities and growing existing clients.



There are many sales training programs in today’s market, and we’re often asked, “What makes this the best sales training program?” 

A few of the things that make us different:

  • We start with data and use it throughout the sales training course. By using a survey that captures key data on your professionals’ opportunities, you can track revenue growth, and progress.  
  • Your sales and business development professionals will make progress with real opportunities. They’re applying what they learn in a way that’s relevant to their quota or book of business.  
  • Each element of the Strategic Selling Framework is backed by industry and sales research, plus sales training best practices. Relevant exercises, tools, and reinforcement all ensure that the learning is applied and sustainable.  
  • During the implementation phases, we tailor examples and scenarios to the B2B sales producer environment.  
  • Post sales training, each participant receives access to an online portal. The portal provides continued learning and strategies for continued progress beyond the initial program roll out.  
  • Amy Franko has two decades of sales experience in many complex environments, including enterprise B2B, professional services, and entrepreneurial selling. In addition, she and her team have over a decade of training design and delivery experience. This combination of data focus, sales experience, and training best practices creates a top sales training program.
  • This sales training program can be delivered virtually or in person.

Online Sales Training Program for Columbus Sales Professionals


As a busy professional, you’re balancing new sales growth with delivering a best-in-class client experience. What if you could accelerate new business and easily expand existing clients? You can, with this signature sales training program—now available on-demand, anytime, anywhere.

Our Strategic Selling online sales training for Columbus sales professionals guides you through a proven framework and sales skill development. These are the skills that will help you earn new opportunities and grow loyal clients. Apply what you learn in this program, and you can 10X your results. It’s perfect for professional services business developers or B2B sellers– whether you’re looking for a program for your entire team or you’re an individual professional needing to level up your skills and build your book of business.

Take a no-risk test run with 2 free lessons. Even the free lessons will teach specifics that you can implement right away.

Get started today on our easy to use platform.

What makes this the best online sales training for Columbus businesses?

Based on Amy Franko’s proven Strategic Selling Framework, you’ll learn the modern selling skills you need to excel with today’s clients and prospects. These are just a few of the topics in the online sales training program:

  • The Strategic Selling Framework, proven to guide you in winning new business and growing your sales. No more process or skill guesswork. This gives you the track to run on, so you can create success in any sales environment.
  • Additional frameworks and techniques for building today’s most relevant sales and business development skills.
  • How to reach and influence critical decision makers and other high-impact relationships.
  • How to design and present sales proposals that drastically improve your odds of winning.
  • Strategies for earning commitments and closing business.
  • The mindsets you need for success in any economy or environment.
Leadership Lessons Ebook

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There are five next-generation sales skillsets that your organization needs to succeed in the new sales economy. The Modern Seller is recognized as a top sales book by Amazon, Top Sales World, and Selling Power. It’s available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats.

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