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As a sales leader or sales growth officer, you know that sustainable sales growth and the right sales culture are critical to attracting and keeping top clients and top talent.

Sales culture and sales growth don’t happen by chance — your vision, strategies, and implementation practices all play in role. What are some things you’ll want to consider? In this talk we’ll cover:
  • Current state and future state of your sales culture (5:50)
  • Sales growth culture defined. (16:00)
  • The impact of sales growth on your organization (16:00)
  • Considerations in key sales productivity areas like:
    • Strategy (20:20)
    • People (26:00)
    • Process (29:00)
    • Technology (34:30)

You will learn specific strategies and implementation ideas to create an effective and impactful sales growth culture, including accountability practices and maintaining a culture of sales growth in distributed environments.

This talk is available on-demand on The Sales Experts Channel. Registration is free. Watch it below. Registration is free. Also be sure to read my related blog on 4 Keys to a Winning Sales Culture.


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