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By Amy Franko

Before I became a part of the learning and leadership development field, my background was in sales. It’s a tough job, but one that has always been a passion of mine.

Of course, much has changed in the sales landscape in recent years. We are seeing shifts in our customers’ habits, processes, and expectations. In turn, we must change the way we approach selling. It affects roles across the organization: field sales, inside sales, pre- and post-sales, marketing, and sales leadership.

What can we in the training and development community do to better equip our sales teams?

In the current climate, organizational success will become dependent on our ability to evolve. My latest article on the ATD Sales Enablement Community blog shares some of my observations on today’s B2B sales environment, a profile of the modern seller, and how the learning function helps sellers connect to increasingly savvy customers.

You can read it here. Watch for a second article soon. And in the meantime, tell us, what trends are you seeing in the B2B sales arena?


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