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As a seller, you’ve likely been in front of some tough audiences. But few audiences are as tough as the one you’ll face in your own organization’s C-suite.

Earning executive-level buy-in for sales enablement and sales training is one of the top issues facing sales leaders and sales trainers today. Convincing a CEO to loosen the corporate purse strings is not for the faint of heart—even when the funds would be directed to revenue-driving sales organizations. It takes time to build trust and a compelling business case for new sales enablement or sales training initiatives that the executive team will support.

After all, change is hard, and some leaders may want to stick with status quo programs, especially if the sales force has been successful in the past. But in today’s swiftly evolving business environment, sales organizations must adapt quickly or be left behind—whether it’s improving sales results, staying ahead of competitors, or retaining top sales talent.

But gaining buy-in doesn’t have to be an impossible task! I’m pleased to have partnered with the Association for Talent Development to provide a series of five strategies you can use to build credibility with the CEO:

  • Create the right culture for sales enablement and sales success.
  • Do the discovery.
  • Co-create the ROI.
  • Look cross-functionally to gain support with key stakeholders.
  • Establish ownership.

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