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One of the best sales closing techniques is an intentional cold calling strategy.

In this episode of the Reinvented Sales Podcast with Paul Watts, Amy Franko delves into the art and science of cold-calling, discussing its relevance and her preparation strategies. She shares effective opening lines and how to keep sales conversations engaging. Essential tools and technology for cold-calling are highlighted, alongside Amy’s dos and don’ts for sales success. Amy also addresses handling rejection by resonating with prospects through value-driven education. Her approach focuses on building connections, uncovering opportunities, and nurturing potential future relationships.

Some highlights:

  • [0:52] Is cold-calling still relevant? [0:52]
  • Is cold calling an art and a science? [1:50]
  • How Amy prepares for cold-calling [2:56]
  • Amy’s effective opening lines [4:35]
  • How to keep a cold call engaging [4:35]
  •  Indispensable tools & technology [4:35]
  • Amy’s top cold-calling dos and don’ts [4:35]
  • How Amy combats cold-call rejection [12:24]

You can listen to this episode of the Sales Reinvented Podcast here:

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