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As it relates to long term successful sales growth, elite organizations, need three strategic plans in their organization.

  • They have a visionary plan.
  • They have a sales strategy.
  • And they have a marketing strategy.

That visionary plan is that big picture horizon. What does the organization look like? Who do we want to be in three years or five years or ten years? Most organizations that do strategic planning, they have a visionary plan, but they stop short once they get that visionary plan put in place.

They’re often lacking a specific sales strategy and a marketing strategy.

Your sales strategy is the specific path that is going to help you optimize your sales growth. It is covers everything from your go to market to the solutions and products that you’re selling to the people that you need in your organization, the technology, and the other structures that will support you. The very specific selling activities that will help you optimize sales and actually move along the path to the growth goals that you’ve set in your visionary plan.

Your marketing strategy is often around your brand your thought leadership, the lead generation that you intend to create in order to support sales in the service of your sales, your revenue growth goals, and your profit growth goals.

And the more closely, your marketing strategy and your sales strategy are integrated, the more successful that you’re going to be.

As you were considering these three different plans in your organization, take some time to assess what you have. Do you have a visionary plan? Do you have a sales strategy? Do you have a marketing strategy?

Assess what you have and where you perhaps have some opportunities to shore up your strategic planning so that you have all three of these elements working for you toward not only your growth goals for today, but your growth goals for the future.


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