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Digital transformation is here, and it’s changing everything, including the way our clients and prospects want to engage with us and buy from us. Has your sales organization evolved? How about learning and development, and how it’s enabling sales success?   

The core of my upcoming book, The Modern Seller, is that today’s environment requires new sales skillsets, beyond what sales organizations are usually taught, and beyond what learning programs usually offer.  

Skillsets that differentiate. Skillsets that create more value for our prospects and customers.  

One of the core traits I explore is learning agility. 

Bersin says learning agility is a competency or capability which describes a person’s speed to learn. In most businesses, this skill is considered one of the most important factors in great leadership. People with strong learning agility can rapidly study, analyze, and understand new situations and new business problems. 

Let’s look at how this applies to sales. Modern sellers must be agile, fluid thinkers who have developed a strong comfort level with ambiguity. They mentally sort and process lots of data, and then translate that into ideas that matter to their customers. They make strong decisions with the insights at hand. They strike a balance between process and exploration, between structure and the freedom.    

Learning agility is something that wasn’t even on the radar in the business sector as little as two decades ago. What this means for sales enablement leaders is that learning agility isn’t likely something we’ve been training our team to harness. But it’s one of several key traits that every modern seller now needs to have. 

In this article for the Association for Talent Development (ATD), I delve into strategies to empower your team to better serve modern customers and create more business value. Consider these four, practical ways you can help build learning agility within your sales force. Read it now. 

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