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If you are a #BootsOnTheGround #PhoneInTheHand salesperson, this show is for YOU!

I had the honor of appearing on the SellOut Show recently with hosts Dianna Geairn and Shawn Karol Sandy. With its fast fun pace and tangible, actionable advice, this show’s goal is to get you to a “solid six” in sales. When I joined them on the show, we delved into the five skills every modern seller needs.

You can watch to the recording and learn:

  • The big five skills that modern sellers need to become successful.
  • What it means to be agile in sales and why that’s critical.
  • How an entrepreneurial mindset can boost sales.
  • Why being “holistic” is an important trait.
  • How an energy routine can help build motivation and discipline.
  • The proven approach to take in creating your network.
  • What makes an ambassador unique.

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