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Last week I headed off for a long weekend with my best friend of over 30 years. I pulled up Waze, plugged in the destination point and had at least three different routes I could take to get me there. It reminded me of a quote in my journal that I go back to pretty regularly: “When you decide on your destination you won’t get there overnight. It’s your daily direction that will get you there.”

Three years ago, I made the decision on a new destination. I wanted to use my 20 years of B2B sales, leadership, and entrepreneurial experience in new ways. That led me to add sales training programs and sales keynotes under Impact Instruction Group, the custom learning solutions company I founded in 2007. Key Sales Training, Leadership Development & Resources

Those programs have taken off… so much so, that it was time for a transition, a different direction. You can now find my sales training, keynotes, leadership development programs, and resources at

Here’s what’s new:

  • New Book: A two-year goal in the making, my book, The Modern Seller, will debut next month! Learn more about it and read some early reviews on The Modern Seller page. As a bonus, you’re invited to get started on your journey to becoming a modern seller with a free chapter of the book: A Modern Seller is Social. It’s available now.
  • New Sales and Leadership Keynotes: Visit the keynote page for current sales and leadership keynotes. These customizable, results-oriented programs are ideal for sales kickoffs, leadership conferences, and association events.
  • New Sales and Leadership Training Programs: Accelerate sales, develop leaders, and create a competitive advantage in your organization. Check out the training programs page for sales training, sales consulting, and leadership development. You can also learn more about the Impact Business Development Framework, a process that’s ideal for selling complex offerings, professional services, and insurance.
  • Updated Resources: I’ll continue to share fresh research and strategies on the blog, and through my original ebooks and video content.

What’s next?

Watch for more details and free resources coming with the launch of The Modern Seller. I’ll also be announcing new online training programs in the second half of 2018.

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We haven’t forgotten about custom training! We’re still here to support your custom needs. As you’re planning your next sales kickoff or leadership event and see a sales keynote or training program that could fit, let’s schedule a conversation.

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