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Are you capturing full-client value?

One way you can break through in the new sales economy is to build upon your already strong client relationships by cross-selling services. You’ve likely seen the statistics… acquiring a new client costs 5–25 times more than keeping an existing one. Growing existing relationships is a strategic way to lower your business development costs while increasing overall margins and client loyalty.

In my new guest blog for the National Society of Accountant’s Main Street Practitioner, I share four sure-fire steps to leverage your existing client meetings to uncover new cross-selling opportunities:

  • Gather pre-meeting intelligence.
  • Brainstorm the areas in the client’s business where you are NOT doing business today.
  • Prepare an agenda.
  • Deliver ownership in the follow-up.

Learn more about each of these in the post on Main Street Practitioner.

Watch for more on the topic of cross selling soon on Main Street Practitioner soon. In August I’ll  look at how to cultivate relationships within the client, and in October I will share how to open new doors and build engagement with prospective clients.

And if you’re looking for another way to grow your clients, read my post on how to develop a peer referral network.


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