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Getting on the Executive Radar ScreenIf you are looking to challenge and stimulate your career, you’re going to want to be discovered as one who has the vision and passion to catapult to new levels. In my experience working with emerging women leaders, the question women so often ask is: what is the right path to get recognized?

Whether you want to make the next step in your career, or leap to that high level position, it is important to learn the necessary steps to be a recognized leader within your company, as well as within your industry.

Your company is most likely looking for “can-do” candidates, rather than “could-be” ones. In many cases, it is a matter of effective marketing, and that is where you have the power to become noticed. Think of marketing yourself like your favorite companies market themselves.  They work to establish visibility and brand equity; they know that simply having a great product isn’t enough. What are the attributes that make their brands appealing to you? It’s the same at a personal level. You have to brand yourself and be known for being the best and having a unique way of doing your job.

Katherine Kaputa, a professional branding coach and author of The Art of Self-Branding writes, “To some people, branding may seem manipulative or phony, ‘I’d just rather be myself,’ they say, ‘go with the flow and see where my career takes me’. If you don’t brand yourself, others will. The fact of the matter is you’re giving the power to other people to brand you if you don’t do it yourself.”

To begin building your personal brand, be proactive and develop a self-marketing strategy so that people not only hear your name, but remember it. Below are just a few ways you can begin boosting your credibility:

  • Make it your primary objective to circulate your name and ideas to the leaders that you want to reach.
  • Make an effort to speak up in meetings.
  • Be a panel speaker at key conferences in your industry.
  • Volunteer to head a committee in an industry association.
  • Participate at functions where you meet board members and other key executives.
  • Consistently deliver relevant and timely information to your networks.
  • Position yourself as an expert by writing blogs, articles, or white papers about issues and trends in your industry.
  • Get to know reporters from industry and national publications.
  • Partner with your company’s marketing and PR department to develop and distribute news releases.
  • Send the articles that you are featured in to important leaders in your industry.

Having the right combination of personal marketing and demonstrated leadership skills will help you grow your credibility. In addition to marketing, make sure you shine at what you do best. Hard working individuals with a strong work ethic, excellent track record, and a sense of loyalty are often on the path to success. Be smart and work hard. By making yourself and your successes known, you’ll be on the executive radar screen.

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