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As modern sellers, we seek to engage and bring value to our prospects.

In the Engaged Prospect podcast, Dan Hersh interviews experts on topics such as sales training, conferences, company culture, entrepreneurship, customer experience and all things growth.

In this episode, Dan sits down with Amy Franko. Amy shares with us these five traits, and discusses how each of them can help us become better professionals and higher performing salespeople.

  • Agile – If you’re agile, you’re a fluid thinker, a continuous learner, one who deals well with ambiguity and who has a growth mindset.
  • Entrepreneurial – Modern sellers aren’t just employees. They’re the founders and CEOs of their books of business. That’s an entirely different level of ownership, and the mindset of being in a startup.
  • Holistic – Holistic refers to investing your finite time, energy, and discipline in the best way to impact your results directly. Social is investing in your networks and relationships.
  • Social – While social capital will likely never have a line item on a P&L, modern sellers know that the quality of their relationships directly impacts their sales pipeline and overall sales results.
  • Ambassador – An Ambassador is a bridge between their organization and the community. They embody the values of their organization but stand uniquely in their own brand. They take a win and turn it into lifetime loyalty and value.

Listen here:

This episode was recorded right as the COVID pandemic hit in the U.S.



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