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Sales culture and sales growth don’t happen by chance — your vision, strategies, and implementation practices all play an integral role. I was pleased to join Karen Kelly on a recent episode of the K2 Sales Podcast to share insights on how to create a sales culture aligning to our overall company culture– and explain the role agility plays.

Some highlights from the episode include:

04:30 Importance of (Defined) Company Culture

06:29 Intentionality and Purpose in Leadership

13:08 Agility and The Modern Seller

14:44 Pivoting

17:17 Commitment & Success

19:25 Embodying Culture as a Leader

22:03 Accountability & Awareness

26:14 Transparency

30:52 Importance of Sales Training

39:44 “Dance In The Moment”

46:08 Learning New Things

51:57 “Facilitating and Frameworks”

55:25 Relationship Building

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For more information on sales culture, read this article 4 Keys to a Winning Sales Culture. And catch me on more sales podcasts here.


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