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If you’re in a professional services field like accounting, you’re most likely expected to wear two hats. Of course you need to be an expert at your business. But for your firm (and your own career) to grow and prosper, you also need to be an expert business developer.

Selling your expertise has always been more complex than selling a tangible product because prospects can’t see it, touch it, or demo it. Add to that new business development challenges brought on by the new sales economy– like commoditization, falling utilization rates, less loyalty in your client base, pressure to deliver faster ROI, and talent drains.

Those challenges call for new skillsets.

In a new article for the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ CPA Now, I unwrap the five key skills behind the skills for building a better book of business as a modern business developer.

Read it here.

And for a deeper dive on the social skillset, download a free chapter from my book, The Modern Seller.

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