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Thanks Jennifer Fisher, MBA for hosting me on “A Life You Love” podcast. On her show, Jennifer tackles sales questions, tips, and tricks while helping you overcome challenges to build a life you love in sales – all while having fun doing it!

In this episode, I talked to Jennifer about what it means to be a Modern Seller and the critical skill sets that rise above the rest.

  • About Amy and her journey as a sales leader (2:27)
  • Risk taking (6:10)
  • Writing The Modern Seller (8:57)
  • The five dimensions of The Modern Seller (12:15)
  • A Modern Seller is Agile (15:07)
  • A Modern Seller is Holistic (16:32)
  • A Modern Seller is Entrepreneurial (22:44)
  • The challenge of continued remote work (when you’re go-to moves are gone) (26:06)
  • Some final tips (28:24)

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