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On episode 6, I was joined by:

  • Jennifer J. Fondrevay, the Founder and Chief Humanity Officer of Day1 Ready™, a consultancy that advises forward-thinking business leaders, owners, entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives on how to prepare for the human capital challenges of M&A.

As business strategies continue to shift, Rock Stars can’t afford to stay stuck in the old way of doing things. Pivoting and adapting are mandatory. If you don’t, you may end up as a former Rock Star. The question is how to keep shining?

Listen in to Jennifer and I as we share the five critical strategies to stay a top performer. They’re based on our popular article recently published by Fast Company. (It’s had more than 100,000 views on LinkedIn alone!)

Watch it at this link or in the window below. Registration is free. 

Some highlights:

  • Jennifer’s experience and observations on how M&A impacts the sales function in organizations.
  • What M&A (and any other disruption) can teach us.
  • Highlights from the article.
  • One thing our listeners can do to thrive in disruption.

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