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Gandhi said, “actions express priorities.” For today’s modern seller, what are your actions communicating to your prospects and customers about you?

Are they saying you are strategic and committed to creating long term value? Modern sellers focus on the long view versus a transactional view, knowing that one contract is simply the beginning of the value chain.

With that in mind, below are three strategies to help elevate your identity as a modern seller.

Ask Thoughtful Questions 

Modern sellers are continuous learners, and the skill of thoughtful questions is part of the learning process. Before any sales conversation, I have my questions ready, and they’re usually a blend of open-ended and clarifying questions. My goal is to get both my customer and myself thinking creatively on approaches to solve a need.  Or to get them thinking about something that wasn’t on their radar. I may even end a conversation with something like, “is there anything I should’ve asked that we haven’t talked about?”

Find Unidentified Problems 

In the past, many sellers got by with a focus on price and product. But modern sellers are visionary and strategic – they know they’ll get to the solution conversation, but it’s several steps down the path – it’s rarely in the first conversation. Modern sellers don’t simply pitch what the client is asking for, but they also look for the unidentified problems. That’s where even more value can be created. Understanding the client in-depth gives you opportunities to present ideas that position you as a true partner in advancing their business goals.

Be Known for Honesty and Integrity 

Word travels fast, and never more so than in today’s instant social media culture. Given the challenges we’ve seen within sales organizations like Wells Fargo, it’s crucial to stay conscious about how we want to be known individually and as an organization. Never over-promise on capabilities or costs, even if it means you may not win the deal. In the long-run, this approach pays off, and there’s always another opportunity.  In addition, it’s important that your entire ecosystem of team members, business partners, and other third-party collaborators have the same value set when it comes to this approach.

Do you and your team exhibit actions of the modern seller that help maximize sales and grow the business?  Contact me for strategies on how to build a sales force of the future.

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