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Betting on yourself is a winning sales strategy.

In this episode of the Rethinking Revenue Podcast with Ed Porter and James Rores, I shared my transformative career path, from my early days in technology sales with giants like IBM and Lenovo to founding my own business in the learning and development space. With a focus on rethinking revenue and career pivots, I offer insights on how taking bold risks, investing in personal growth, and embracing change can lead to both personal fulfillment and professional success.

Tune in to learn how you can leverage self-confidence and strategic thinking to achieve your sales and business goals.

Some highlights:

  • Start your career in a role that offers diverse experiences and responsibilities, as this will help build a solid foundation and versatile skill set. [:05:25]
  • Don’t be afraid to make a bold career change; it can lead to unexpected opportunities and growth, as long as you have a clear vision and plan. [08:30]
  • Periodically reassess your business approach to ensure it aligns with your passions and goals, which can lead to greater joy and financial success. [14:45]
  • Seek outside help from coaches, mentors, or therapists to gain valuable perspectives and navigate career transitions more effectively. [20:15]
  • Reflect on your past struggles and experiences to make better decisions and shape a more fulfilling and successful professional path. [25:10]

You can listen to this episode of the Rethinking Revenue podcast here:

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