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Leadership for Women

Developing your organization’s female leadership talent is not a passing trend and is not just about diversity and inclusion. It’s a business imperative. Those companies that have a strategy for developing emerging women leaders will position themselves for both short-term and long-term competitive advantage.

“Companies with higher numbers of women at senior levels are also companies with better organizational and financial performance,” according to the McKinsey Women Matter study.

Consider a few of these educational and workforce facts:

  • Your organization likely has a significant number of women in its ranks. This will continue to increase as more women graduate college and enter the workforce. These women will create a significant pool of leadership talent, and this talent must be recognized, retained, and cultivated.Women comprise more than half of the total US workforce, and there are over 1 billion women in the global workforce.
  • Women hold 50% of management–level positions within Fortune 500 companies.
  • Women have represented 57% of enrollments at American colleges since 2000, according to the American Council on Education.

How do you make this happen? Strategic Leadership Excellence for Women.

It combines best-selling leadership and communication content with design and delivery from an award-winning training firm.

Through a unique partnership with international best-selling author Lois Frankel, Ph.D., Amy Franko adapts and delivers content from two of her most popular books, Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office and See Jane Lead.

It’s ideal for:

  • Talent management, emerging leader, and on-boarding programs. It’s easily adapted to fit within your current programs – no re-inventing the wheel.
  • Lines of business who would like to supplement organizational leadership programs.
  • Women’s professional organizations needing to develop their leaders and members.
  • Individuals who want to develop their leadership skills in addition to programs offered by their organizations.
  • Individual contributors, first-line, and mid-level managers.

Learn more about these programs for your high-potential employees, emerging leaders, and new leaders.


What others are saying about our Keynotes & Workshops . . .

“We invited Amy to conduct a class for our employee networking group, to empower women in their careers and to provide them with tips and tricks to excel while learning what pitfalls to avoid in the workplace. Amy was fantastic! She brought a lot of energy, professionalism and enthusiasm to her training. She truly had a knack for engaging participants in meaningful dialogue that not only raised issues we face as women, but also got participants to present possible solutions for one another in class. We can’t wait to bring her back for more events and want to say . . . we feel lucky to have found you!

Tonya Stalnaker-Tiggett
Training Consultant
JP Morgan Chase

Amy’s class . . . has enlightened me and given me hope, just knowing that there are others who feel the same way. By attending this class and connecting with others I feel I can adapt and work to change how I interact with people to achieve success in business and in life! Amy is truly an excellent resource and her insights were real and encouraging. Thank you so much.

Raquel Richards
class participant
JP Morgan Chase

“During our Women’s Leadership Conference the workshop put on by Amy was one of the highlights. She skillfully covered a variety of engaging and insightful topics from which she effectively generated new and impactful thoughts and discussion amongst the group. I know that myself as well as others came away with valuable knowledge and self-reflection that will help me achieve greater success in my career.”

Lindsay Zane
Candidate for MBA, Class of 2012
Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business

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