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Impact Instruction: Solving Insurance Industry Talent Challenges

got you coveredThe insurance industry is positioned for tremendous growth. For learning professionals and leaders, that translates to new challenges and opportunities you must address to ensure your team is poised to succeed.

Improve the agency onboarding and learning experience

Increasing competition in the marketplace and industry complexities mean that agencies need a higher level of support than ever from their carriers.

Do you have an effective turnkey process and relevant learning experiences for onboarding new agencies?

An strong agency onboarding program that includes ongoing learning will help you accelerate time to productivity, minimize exposure to risk, and increase agent and customer loyalty.

Bridge the capability gap

There’s no doubt about it. One of the top challenges in the Insurance industry today is the capability gap. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a growth of 200,000 new insurance jobs by 2022, and most companies are having trouble meeting demand.

It’s critical to have the right people, in the right roles, with the right skills to move the business forward.

From attracting millennials to recruiting candidates from outside the industry, the employment model is changing. A role-based talent development program with consistent onboarding and ongoing learning experiences can help close the capability gap and drive business benefits.

Develop your emerging and front-line leaders

Emerging and front-line leaders are two of your most important groups in the enterprise:

  • Your emerging leaders represent the future of your organization, and they need a strong development path to keep your leadership pipeline healthy. Less than 10 percent of organizations have a strong leadership pipeline today.
  • Your front-line leaders are responsible for the largest groups of individual contributors that are closest to your clients. A front-line leader has an average team size of 8-12 people, and is often “in the trenches” in addition to leading their teams. Unfortunately this group is one of the most under-served when it comes to leadership development programs.

A customizable leadership development program with a blended approach will help you solve for these challenges, preparing your leaders for the next level of success and contribution to the organization.

Ready to insure better business results with your learning program?

Impact Instruction Group delivers blended learning solutions with a focus on technology-based learning, onboarding programs, and custom leadership development programs. We possess the know-how to help you conquer the insurance industry’s top training challenges.

Contact us, and let’s get started today.

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