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Visual Design

A world without visual design would be a boring one!  When it comes to learning materials, visual elements have equal importance to content design, instructional elements, and technical functionality.

Visual design is an element of the training experience that can often be overlooked, but it’s crucial to appeal, engagement, and retention. In fact, visuals are often more powerful than mere words. Visual elements help our brains to make better connections with concepts, and keep us engaged and interested.

At Impact Instruction, we’re passionate advocates for clean, instructionally relevant, and engaging visual design in all of our deliverables.

Solutions include:

  • Template design:  This is the incorporation of your branding elements, including logos, color palettes, fonts, and language into learning templates.  These templates can optimized for eLearning, instructor-led materials, user guides, virtual classroom materials, mobile apps, and video.
  • Styles and Standards Guides:  We’ll consult with you to design overall styles and standards that can guide the learning deliverables in your organization.  This provides clear and consistent standardization with writing, branding, layouts, and other important elements, regardless of whether they are designed in the training organization or within a line of business.
  • Infographics:  Infographics are excellent for improving “stickiness” by depicting complex information or topics in a visual format.  We’ll help you to determine if infographics are a good choice for your project, and collaborate with you on the overall design, writing, interactivity, and implementation into your learning deliverables.

When you partner with Impact Instruction, you are working with a company recognized with a prestigious Apex Award for publication excellence in training design.

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