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35 Tips to Build Strategic Relationships

2015 WELD September Leadership Series







Greetings to all our friends from WELD. As part of the 2015 WELD Leadership Series in September, you are invited to download this Impact Instruction Group e-book: 35 Tips to Build Strategic Relationships.

Building strategic relationships is an important part of the learning and development process. It’s about being resourceful. It’s about learning from others and knowing how to connect with people. It’s about knowing how to ask for things that you need and having a mentor to guide you. Strategic Relationships eBook - COVER ART

From a corporate standpoint, we all know that talent is our number one asset. Without talent… and proper training of that talent… we would not have growth or success. This information is designed to help you, and your team, learn how to build strategic relationships as a foundation for personal growth and success. And it will undoubtedly transfer to overall success for your organization, as well.

This e-book was written by 2015 WELD Woman to Know Amy Franko, Founder and CEO of Impact Instruction.

We look forward to joining you on September 16 for a great discussion.

Download your copy here.

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